#106 Set up initial moderators on Discourse instance
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We need to have an initial set of moderators set up

now talking about migration Admin/Mod/User

New Staff Discourse = A user that is either an admin a moderator or both. (Fedora Project Lider)
Admin =
* It knonledged (IP addresing and subnetting), need to know ip's to do the job (control spam)
* New Function and create badged (Knowloged of SQL)
askfedora mod = Trust Level 4 — Leader in discourse
askfedora User = user from TL0 - TL3 in discourse
Discourse manage the members in diferent ways :


Disgrate the User in this range in this strict order :

Developer (N/A)
Trust Level 4 — Leader
Trust Level 3 — Regular
Trust Level 2 — Member
Trust Level 1 — Basic
Trust Level 0 — New

Various User State :

New user
Special restricted account for first day of usage or new accounts. new_users have special rate limits defined in site settings

First day user
Special additional restrictions that apply to an account created in the last 24 hours

Account flagged by spam system as a problem account, all posting is disabled.

Account is active in Discourse instance

If the site setting must_approve_users is enabled a user must be approved prior to being allowed to log in.

Account suspended from Discourse instance

A special placeholder account which is created automatically by the system for email integration

Admin/Mod : 😭

this is what I found :


Note : we can take advantage of this situation to clean user table... or keep then in a stage area, suspend or Aproved (only user that never use the site)

Regards HTH

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Down votes that affect reputation :

I can find the plug-ins or the process to down-vote a Question or and Answer in discourse

there are some meta question in discourse about that features.,

I've read about this in discourse and they doesn't manage down-vote they just call it like/unlike


now talking about reputation point or well know as karma :

you can close and join accoutn depend of this :

You can delete accounts in the User tab of the AdminCP depending on how long they have been a member/how many posts they have made.


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Question: do we want to migrate users who are moderators to moderators in discourse, or do we simply start them all from zero and let them gain the trust levels? Since we've moved instead of migrated, I vote we start from zero again. Manually moving moderators over will be quite a task.

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2 years ago

Yes, personally I voted for this too, take in count that Moderator Never is Adquared is assigned by hand.. that not happened in user trust levet from 0..4

Altought take in mind that we have a multilingual site so maybe we need a moderator for each language... WDYT?


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I expect we can have a few admins for each language to start with as we did for askbot, and then let the trust levels take care of the rest.

Please note that the tracker ticket (task) is the high level task that is blocked by these smaller tickets (task). So, we can close these, but not the tracker until all the tickets blocking it are closed.

Note that the getting started guide says: These defaults are safe, but note that while in “bootstrap mode” after you set up your site, all new users will be granted trust level 1 until you reach 50 users.!

So, do we need to set up mods or do we just let the system do its thing?

let's the site do its jobs


The different community members that have volunteered to help with their respective langauages will be set up as mods as the "minimum set" to help manage things at the start. Then, we will let the site do its thing. Closing this now. I'll update mods as we have the languages set up.

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