#25 initial-setup runs after F31 IoT install even if you create username and root password
Opened 3 months ago by adamwill. Modified 3 months ago

If you run an install from the IoT dvd-ostree installer and create a root password and user account during install, initial-setup still runs on first boot. It only offers network configuration, no other spokes are shown:


I honestly have kinda forgotten what the expectations for initial-setup are, and if they're documented anywhere they're not clear to me, and I can't really tell from the initial-setup source whether this is 'intended' or not. So I figured I'd file an issue and just ask if it's what IoT team expects or not. Also tagging @m4rtink in case he knows what's expected here.

Note: I'm questioning this because it's not the same on, for e.g., Server installs - the Server install test (in openQA) also creates a user and sets a root password, then on boot of the installed system, we do not see initial-setup. I'm not sure if this is because it's installed but does not fire, or if it's just not installed at all.

OK, I really think something unintended is happening here, because if you just go ahead and hit 'q' (to exit initial-setup), it prints a scary message:


there's really no reason you would wind up with an unusable system here.

Which release did you test? We're no longer using initial-setup with F-32

F31, because F32 installer images failed on #1801353. Sorry for not specifying. Still, F31 should probably be fixed?

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