#23 IoT images are not marked as release blocking
Closed: fixed 2 years ago by kparal. Opened 2 years ago by kparal.

Fedora IoT is supposed to be a release-blocking primary edition in Fedora 32 (I heard). But IoT images are not listed among Releases/32/ReleaseBlocking. QA needs to know which artifacts will be release blocking. Can you please make sure the wiki page gets updated (in cooperation with @bcotton)? Thanks!

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Blocking are:
Installer: aarch64 and x86_64
Images: aarch64 and x86_64

Thanks. Let's make sure this is part of the wiki page.

Ping @bcotton . Is the reason for not having IoT images on that list the fact that IoT is currently composed separately? Or some other reason? I'd like to resolve this somehow, even if it means creating a separate wiki page, e.g. Releases/32-IoT/ReleaseBlocking, or perhaps a new section on the existing wiki page, etc. Thanks.

The wiki page has been updated. Thanks @bcotton.

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2 years ago

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