Fedora Infrastructure

Welcome! This is the Fedora Infrastructure Pagure project.

This project is mainly used as ticket tracker for Fedora Infrastructure.

If you want to know how the tickets are processed by Fedora Infrastructure Team look at:

Git repo of this project is misc scripts and tools for Fedora

If you are looking for the Fedora Infrastructure ansible repo, that is not here, look at:

If you would like to help out with Fedora Infrastructure, see: and

For more info how to communicate with Fedora Infra Team, see:

Ticket priorities explained

The tickets in Fedora Infrastructure have Priority field which on this project isn't used for priority and instead it's used for ticket workflow. Following is the description of each priority:


    This means that this ticket defines fire (something critical doesn't work) and should be resolved ASAP.

  • Needs Review

    Default priority assigned to new ticket. This means that ticket is waiting for review from Fedora Infrastructure Team.


    We sometimes forgot to change the priority from default state.

  • Next meeting

    Ticket will be discussed on next meeting.

  • Waiting on Assignee

    Ticket is waiting on somebody to take it. If somebody is already assigned than ticket is waiting for the assignee to finish the work.

  • Waiting on Reporter

    Ticket is waiting for reply from reporter. This is used to clarify some information about the ticket or validation from reporter.

  • Waiting on External

    Ticket is waiting for work that needs to be done outside Fedora Infrastructure team and which the team usually couldn't influence. For example waiting for hardware replacement.