#9890 Access to india-operations@lists.fedoraproject.org
Closed: Fixed a month ago by pingou. Opened a month ago by siddharthvipul1.

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A few of us are trying to get Fedora India community back in action. We discovered Fedora India Twitter account and wanted access to it. After reaching out to a few people, I had no luck. I could keep going in chain, or fix the issue and get the credentials in central place (wherever it is for social media platform things). I found out the email address used in there is india-operations@lists.fedoraproject.org which is a private list. It would be great to have access to this (and possibly moderator access).
If this needs +1 from existing members/mods of the list, unfortunately I don't know who they are. Knowing that would be helpful in that case.

When do you need this to be done by?

Not urgent, whenever convenient

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a month ago

The india-operations@ was a catch-all list created for activities undertaken in the long past. One way to handle this is perhaps remove us from admins and revive it with proper rights. Please go ahead and take whatever administrative action is deemed necessary - since I am no longer actively participating in the project I do not see why this should be a blocker to planned good ideas.

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a month ago

@sankarshan are you also fine with handing over the twitter account?

Should I remove everyone and make @siddharthvipul1 admin? Or just make @siddharthvipul1 admin?

@susmit any thoughts on this?

I have not been active in the project for a long time either. Please feel to remove me and make @siddharthvipul1 the admin.

I have a hunch that once @siddharthvipul1 has access to the recovery email he'll be able to recover and reset the password for the Twitter account. He should go ahead and do that. As @susmit mentions - he and I are in agreement. Onward!

@siddharthvipul1 you have been made "owner" of the list :)

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a month ago

Thank you @pingou for helping with this
and Thank you @sankarshan and @susmit for +1s :)

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