#9876 Only sysadmin-main members have access to maintainer-test instances
Closed: Fixed 16 days ago by kevin. Opened 22 days ago by mobrien.

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When investigating https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/9874 I noticed that all users have been scrubbed aside from those in sysadmin-main in the old fas. All other users are now locked out.

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Ideally this would be fixed by porting to IPA but a quickfix may be necessary for the interim

It looks as though the /etc/ssh/sshd_config is expecting this to bo an ssd system so may need to be reverted

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22 days ago

ok, things should be reachable again, but there's still two things I am working on.

  1. Right now everyone will have to enter their password/otp to sudo. Probibly we should move it back to nopassword. I think @nphilipp had some rules for this, but at the time we didn't have any hosts we wanted to not use passwords, so we will need to revivve those rules.

  2. home directories are using the old uids, I am running some scripts to clean that up now. :)

Once those are solved we can close this.

Sorry for the delay here. This is now fixed.

Please re-open/open a new ticket if you see any issues.

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16 days ago

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