#9868 Create second IPA instance in staging to more closely mirror prod
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In production we currently have 3 IPA servers whereas we have only 1 in staging. We should add a second instance in staging to more closely mirror prod.

This would allow for testing updates with no downtime as well as testing replication etc..

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There's 2 bugs you might hit, that are related to each other. :)

If the initial playbook run/replication fails, it may print out a error telling you to look at ipa-replica-manage. Please record this error so we can file a bug on it, as ipa-replica-manage is depreciated and shouldn't be used anymore.

The reason for the initial replication crash is some max packet size issue. See: https://access.redhat.com/solutions/374063
The IPA folks wanted us to try and do a tcpdump of this initial packet and see if we could help them see why/what is so large for our install?

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