#9863 Cannot login to redhat bugzilla
Opened 23 days ago by crvi. Modified 22 days ago

Describe what you would like us to do:

  1. My original bugzilla email id: crvisqr@gmail.com
  2. FAS account email id: crvi@fedoraproject.org

I updated my bugzilla email id from [1] to [2] and now I cannot login:

I get the following errors:

  1. Choose/Create an Account:

Red Hat Bugzilla could not map your Fedora Account System account to an existing Bugzilla account. Would you like to create an account for "crvisqr@gmail.com"?

  1. Trying yes for the above results in another error:

There is already an account with the login name crvisqr@gmail.com.

  1. Resetting password results in another error:

You have requested a password token too recently to request another. Please wait 10 minutes then try again.

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

As soon as possible please.

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23 days ago

Your [1] and [2] footnotes seem missing?

Looking I dont' see you bugzilla email set at all...

Can you make sure and clear any cookies from *fedoraproject.org and retry?

Your [1] and [2] footnotes seem missing?

No. I meant I changed my email address from crvisqr@gmail.com to crvi@fedoraproject.org, since I now have a @fedoraproject.org id, which seems more appropriate for fedora related stuff like bugzilla.redhat.com. And that messed up everything.

Now I have received an email as follows:

"Fedora Account System and Bugzilla Mismatch"

We have identified you[1] as either a Fedora packager or someone who has asked to
be included in the CC list of tickets created for one or more component on
bugzilla. Fedora packagers are granted special permissions on the Fedora bugs in
However, to enable these functionalities (granting you these permissions or
including you to the CC list of your packages of interest), we need to have your
bugzilla email address stored in the Fedora Account System[2].
At the moment you have:


which bugzilla is telling us is not an account in bugzilla.  If you could
please set up an account in bugzilla with this address or change your email
address on your Fedora Account to match an existing bugzilla account this would
let us go forward.

Note: this message is being generated by an automated script.  You'll continue
getting this message until the problem is resolved.  Sorry for the

Thank you,
The Fedora Account System

However, resetting the password of crvisqr@gmail.com or crvi@fedoraproject.org, doesn't seem to work.

  1. Resetting password of crvisqr@gmail.com gives the following error:

crvisqr@gmail.com user does not exist

  1. Resetting password of crvi@fedoraproject.org gives the following error:

You have requested a password token too recently to request another. Please wait 10 minutes then try again.

Can you login to https://accounts.fedoraproject.org ?

Can you then set 'crvi@fedoraproject.org' in the bugzilla email field?

Can you then login to bugzilla.redhat.com using the "Login using Fedora account system" option?

All issues resolved after resetting password of crvi@fedoraproject.org in bugzilla. Problem was I was using "Duplicate Tabs closer" Firefox plugin which was messing up with the password reset action uri, causing it to fail repeatedly.

"Login using Fedora account system" doesn't work still. I using direct username ( crvi@fedoraproject.org ) / password now, which works.


ok. I think that may be a bug in the new account system. I guess lets leave this open to track that (it should let you login that way).

@puiterwijk is there a way to get ipsilon to do this? ie, for bugzilla.redhat.com send ipa bugzilla address (if populated) otherwise email address?

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