#9853 Split /pub/archive off fedora_ftp netapp volume
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The fedora_ftp netapp volume is getting close to the largest it can be and still be on SSD.

We need to either add storage space ($$$$s) or split it up.

The way that makes the most sense to me is to split the pub/archive tree off to it's own volume. This volume could be on SAS drives as it gets a lot less traffic. It's currently about 17TB or so, but of course grows as we archive releases.


  • create ~25TB volume fedora_archive
  • rsync all the /pub/archive content over from fedora_ftp to fedora_archive
  • mount new fedora_archive on download servers (I don't think it's needed anywhere else)
  • delete old archive content from fedora_ftp

This is going to have a downside for mirrors, as when we archived things before we could hardlink them and there wasn't too much mirror churn. With the seperate volume, there will be big deletes from the main fedora_ftp volume and big copies/transfers for newly archived releases. Not much help for it though. ;(

I'm going to start in on this.

I would add this step before mounting on download_servers

  • hardlink new fedora_archive
  • mount new fedora_archive on bodhi_backend so copies from active to archive of releases can occur.

I can hardlink with the rsync... but there likely isn't too much saved by it, but we can do it sure.

I found that (rsync -H) doesn't work all the time when doing cross disk copies and I usually have grown a couple of TB more than I expected.

Doing the rsync now. I am using -H, but we can run hardlink over it at the end.

@kevin It also needs to be mounted on mm-backend01.

True. I'll look at everywhere we have fedora_ftp and see where also needs archive...

PR submitted for review. I am mounting it on download, mm-backend01 and secondary01.

I also mailed the mirror-admin list about the changeover.

This is now done.

The volume was created, content copied to it, hardlink run over it, updatefullfiletime run on it to update those files, mounted under /pub/archive on all download servers and mm-backend01 and secondary01

I'll remove the content from the main drive after things look ok for a bit.

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2 days ago

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