#9820 Fedora meetings mailing list posts all have subject "fedmsg notification" instead of something useful as of March 26
Opened 17 days ago by mattdm. Modified 16 days ago

See https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/meetingminutes@lists.fedoraproject.org/.

Previously, meetings would have titles like:

  • Subject: nirik's meeting titled "Fedora Infrastructure Ops Daily Standup Meeting" ended in #fedora-meeting-3
  • Subject: geppetto's meeting titled "fpc" ended in #fedora-meeting-1
  • Subject: tdawson's meeting titled "EPEL (2021-03-24)" ended in #fedora-meeting

But now it is all:

  • fedmsg notification
  • fedmsg notification
  • fedmsg notification

This seems to have started on March 26th.

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