#9819 Please remove obsolete QA FAS groups
Opened 17 days ago by kparal. Modified 10 days ago

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When the new FAS was deployed, I went through our QA-related groups and realized many of them no longer serve any purpose and can be removed.

Please remove the following FAS groups:

Thank you.

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Whenever you have time.

This needs policy written on how we remove groups etc in the future.

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17 days ago

There are two more groups that could be added to this list:

I intended to make this ticket QA-related only. If infra folks want to have this as a general ticket, I don't mind (except for the unrelated email updates I'll receive), but let wait for confirmation of the preferred approach. I'm sure there are hundreds of similar groups which are no longer used, not just the few listed above.

This needs policy written on how we remove groups etc in the future.

I think "ipa group-del $groupname" is sufficient (or via the web UI). I'm trying to think of unwanted side effects but nothing comes to mind.

Just deleting the group is easy. We need to know if we need to keep them for record keeping. What if we need to know who was in a since deleted group? Or there's files that a group owns that we would need to clean up?

If there's good logging we can use I'm probibly fine with deleting groups.

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