#9785 Reviewing membership of sysadmin-badges
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It is a security best practice to periodically check if sysadmin status is still needed and being actively used. The following people are in the sysadmin-badges group:


Please reply in this ticket within the next two weeks if you still need this access (or if you don't.)

If you guys are still cool with it, I'm happy to stick around to push
badges. Please leave my access on.

I rarely use it. I don't need it, strictly speaking.

I'd like to retain sysadmin rights only because I am intimately familiar with how the current system works. That said, with the on-going modernization work, I am far behind and not sure if I am still the right person to lead with this kind of work.

Also, this Fedora Group would be 99.9% less annoying if it didn't get obliterated by fedmsg error logs. This makes it really hard for me to participate, and it is also why I only noticed this ticket after manually scrolling through this repo's issue tracker.

I do...... (want to keep my access)

I guess I can now kiis the playbooks or something ?

I'm bit inactive at the moment but would be back in a few days so would like to stay in.

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