#9784 Reviewing membership of sysadmin-tools
Closed: Fixed 6 days ago by nb. Opened 22 days ago by nb.

It is a security best practice to check if sysadmin status is still needed and being actively used. The following people are in the sysadmin-tools group:


Please reply in this ticket within the next two weeks if you still need this access (or if you don't.)

Just to clarify - I copy/pasted the title of this ticket and forgot to edit. This ticket is in reference to sysadmin-tools

I haven't used my access to this group in too long. I can be removed. Thanks!

I haven't used my group access for this group in several years, so feel free to take me off the list. I'll re-join later if needed.

I'm in -main now, so I can be removed from this group.

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6 days ago

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