#977 Mirror space verification
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by mmcgrath.

We need to verify we have enough mirror space for the F10 final launch. We'll need an estimate of how big the release will be.

Jesse says he'll have a better idea towards the begining of the week. As soon as he has that do a sanity check, verify, check it against the size of F9, note the difference in this ticket and finally make sure we have enough space on our public mirrors.

Generally the sooner we get this done the better.

Size estimate is 130G for all of releases/10. This will be hardlinked into development/, but the 130G is what it would be once development moves on.

140G left.
Sound good enough for release/10 but we're going closer to an out-of-space state.

k, 140G available on '/pub/fedora' including release/10 on our public mirrors.
We're in a good shape for the release date.

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