#9764 Unable to download source packages from updates-testing
Opened 24 days ago by goeran. Modified 23 days ago

This seems to be a bug that is hard to squash. It has occurred previously, and now in updates-testing for Fedora 34 it shows again. Example:

dnf download rpm

gets me rpm- as expected. But

dnf download --source rpm

gives me an error message instead:

No package rpm- available.
Exiting due to strict setting.
Error: No package rpm- available.

Looking a little closer, the first URL in the metalink for me is https://ftp.lysator.liu.se/pub/fedora/linux/updates/testing/34/Everything/source/tree/repodata/repomd.xml. That tree does contain repository metadata files, but the Packages directory is empty. Rather, the source packages can be found under SRPMS rather than source. It is the same for the next few mirrors, so I guess it is a general pattern.

The sources for the fedora repository on the other hand can be downloaded fine.

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24 days ago

@adrian Can you fix MM to use SRPMS/ dirs for source rpms in updates and updates-testing repo and leave the fedora repo as is?

@mohanboddu If you remove the wrong directory source/ and make sure fullfiletimelist-fedora is updated it is easily fixable.

Or should we change this line to

destarch = 'source/tree' if arch == 'source' else arch


This should make it same everywhere, sources syncing to source/tree.

I like SRPMS/ better than source/tree. But whatever it is, important is that it does not change.

Once mirrormanager found and created a repository (repodata/repomd.xml) moving it, like this ticket is about, requires manual intervention.

I like SRPMS/ better than source/tree. But whatever it is, important is that it does not change.

I do too, but I like consistency more :grin:

So, this has happened before. What caused it this time? I thought we fixed everything to be the same?

Whats re-adding things?

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23 days ago

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