#970 Splitting some system-config tools (app vs. docs), migration to git.

Created 7 years ago by nphilipp

Hi there,

I want to split up my system-config tools (-date, -nfs, -samba, -services, -users) between apps and docs because the latter are usually rather big but seldom changed. Additionally I want to move from Mercurial to git for these.

Therefore, would you please set up the following projects (trac and git, there aren't any trac instances for the tools yet, just Hg repositories)? Here's the list:

system-config-date[[BR]] system-config-nfs[[BR]] system-config-samba[[BR]] system-config-services[[BR]] system-config-users[[BR]][[BR]] system-config-date-documentation[[BR]] system-config-nfs-documentation[[BR]] system-config-samba-documentation[[BR]] system-config-services-documentation[[BR]] system-config-users-documentation[[BR]]

Once the git repositories are available, I can migrate the Mercurial repositories into the empty git ones (and do the split).


Maybe "system-config-date-docs" naming convention would have more sense, just like foo-docs packages in Fedora Collection?

Replying to [comment:2 raven]:

Maybe "system-config-date-docs" naming convention would have more sense, just like foo-docs packages in Fedora Collection?

OK, make it -docs.

Updated list of package names:

system-config-date[[BR]] system-config-nfs[[BR]] system-config-samba[[BR]] system-config-services[[BR]] system-config-users[[BR]]

system-config-date-docs[[BR]] system-config-nfs-docs[[BR]] system-config-samba-docs[[BR]] system-config-services-docs[[BR]] system-config-users-docs[[BR]]

Is there anything where I can help? It seems a bit odd that the ticket changed to "assigned" but nothing happened since then. For instance I'd understand if you wanted finer-granularized tickets (e.g. one ticket per package, not all in one huge lump, or one ticket for each of 1) create git repositories, 2) create trac instances).


Sorry i got busy with my $DAYJOB. I will do this tomorrow.

If it is urgent i would unown this ticket for someone else to claim.

Sorry for the delay again.

ok, groups created i will create the git repos and the trac projects in some time

No sweat, I was just curious...


This is done:


Trac Project: https://fedorahosted.org/$PROJECTNAME

URL git://git.fedorahosted.org/$PROJETNAME.git



Let me know if everything is ok and you need anything else.


Nils, let me know when 'transif' is added to the respective groups.

nphilipp: could you please add 'transif' to these groups?

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