#9685 Bring back mailman in staging
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Hey folks! To test AAA we'd like to bring back mailman / postorius / hyperkitty in staging. The current set of packages will do, I don't think it's worth waiting for updated ones. Also, we don't need a lot of space as it's just for testing that logging in works in both UIs.

Currently the file inventory/host_vars/mailman01.stg.phx2.fedoraproject.org needs to be renamed to .iad2 and the values need to be adjusted, but I'm not sure what to pick. I've already uncommented mailman01.stg in inventory/inventory.

There is a dns entry for mailman01.stg.iad2.fedoraproject.org already so we can use that for the eth0_ip:

Then the standard for that subnet is:

Our dns server is available at:

There is only 4 vms on vmhost-x86-03.stg.iad2.fedoraproject.org so I think we can use that as the host

The kickstart is for rhel7 and I'm not sure if there is anything blocking upgrade to rhel8 so we'll leave it as is for now.

The below PR should cover it:

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So I tried to do this back during the IAD2 bringup and there seemed to be a lot of 'missing' items in getting it built again.

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