#9680 Share Personal Health Dashboard to Fedora CI
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I talked to @davdunc on Public Cloud Meetup on Devconf and seems it would be handy to us to get an idea of our cloud spend on Fedora CI, as we are scaling up. We currently have some problems with instance cleanup etc, so it would be nice to see how those thing get better as we fix all the bugs.

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Did you mean billing dashboard?

The personal health dashboard just says how many open issues you have an outages?

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Seems that is what I meant @kevin sorry

I'm not sure billing access is something we can give without manager approval as there may be some business sensitive information there better check with @lgriffin to be sure

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We could give snapshots of it? I'd rather limit the number of people with access to that dashboard and information but I feel we can happily share usage statistics / projected costs.

In our current setup it appears this is not really a possibility, our account is an organisation as part of a larger account so we don't have access to Cost Explorer which is how we would do tag based costs i.e. everything used by Fedora-CI.

As such it would be a cost report for all teams rather than just what Fedora-CI are using. @davdunc is there another approach we could take to this for costs based on tags?

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