#9664 Koschei: not all neuro-sig packages are listed in the neuro-sig group now
Opened 3 months ago by ankursinha. Modified 17 days ago

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We've just noticed that not all neuro-sig packages are being listed in the neuro-sig group in Koschei:


Only 19 packages are shown, but the neuro-sig maintains ~170 packages together:

They were all listed before correctly in Koschei and were automatically synced from src.fp.o too.

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

Whenever convenient please.

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3 months ago

This is caused by recent API breakage in Pagure, https://pagure.io/pagure/c/93bdbd2
Now group API returns only first 20 projects instead of all:
curl -s "https://src.fedoraproject.org/api/0/group/neuro-sig?projects=1" | jq -r '.projects[]|select(.namespace=="rpms").name' | wc -l prints 20
The number can be increased to 100 by adding per_page=100 argument to the call, but it doesn't fix the issue fully.

Hi @mizdebsk : is there anything we can do to help with this? We really miss having koschei :(

In the meantime, could we please stop the automated script that updates the package list on Koschei? We can manage it manually for the time being.

(if the script keeps running, it overwrites our manual package additions again and again)


Could we please stop automatically tracking the neuro-sig packages until the issue is fixed? I'll manually update our package list and keep it in sync.


Done. Auto-tracking of neuro-sig was temporairly disabled in commit 222265d until the real issue is fixed.

# oc -n koschei delete cronjob/cron-track-neuro cronjob/cron-refresh-neuro
cronjob.batch "cron-track-neuro" deleted
cronjob.batch "cron-refresh-neuro" deleted

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