#9664 Koschei: not all neuro-sig packages are listed in the neuro-sig group now
Opened 12 days ago by ankursinha. Modified 5 days ago

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We've just noticed that not all neuro-sig packages are being listed in the neuro-sig group in Koschei:


Only 19 packages are shown, but the neuro-sig maintains ~170 packages together:

They were all listed before correctly in Koschei and were automatically synced from src.fp.o too.

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Whenever convenient please.

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5 days ago

This is caused by recent API breakage in Pagure, https://pagure.io/pagure/c/93bdbd2
Now group API returns only first 20 projects instead of all:
curl -s "https://src.fedoraproject.org/api/0/group/neuro-sig?projects=1" | jq -r '.projects[]|select(.namespace=="rpms").name' | wc -l prints 20
The number can be increased to 100 by adding per_page=100 argument to the call, but it doesn't fix the issue fully.

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