#9657 reg is (again) FTB
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Some months ago I've picked up reg package to prevent it from being retired, since it's used in fedora infrastructure for running registry.fedoraproject.org.

Now that package is again FTB in f34/rawhide and it's also outdated.
My question is: are there any more maintainable alternatives to it for our purposes?

I do not have enough Golang skills to fix it. I've tried to update the specfile to the recent Golang packaging guidelines (which would also require a rename) , but it bundles so many modules which aren't available in Fedora repos that it got me lost. We also currently patch it and provide our own systemd script...

So, does it worth doing a great effort to get it updated and building again?

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@mattia I've a little experience with Golang, I was looking at the build log at [1], and wondered if we can add the following to execute where line: 48 would be in the build script:

export GO111MODULE="auto"

@dkirwan thanks for the hint. I've no experience at all with Golang, but after your suggestion I googled about export GO111Module and I've found that some changes are going on [1] in Golang 1.16, which recently landed in f34.

We're currently exporting GOPATH in the specfile. However I will probably not have time to test your suggestion until the next weekend.

[1] https://github.com/golang/go/issues/41330

I couldn't fix the FTB problem using GO111Module, so I decided to heavily rewrite the specfile using a mix of Golang macros and standard commands.

I've managed to upgrade reg to the latest version (0.16.1) using modules provided in repos instead of the bundled ones, as much as possible.
Two scratch builds, for Rawhide and f34, have been completed successfully, can someone test them to check that everything still works before I push my changes to sources?

@mattia I'll try give these a test

Well, I've made some tests myself and the updated package seems to work.

The problem is that Golang macros used in Fedora don't work in EPEL... I don't think we want to upgrade reg in el7 (currently used by registry), but we will need to find a solution for fixing build in el8, sooner or later.
Anyway, I will proceed in upgrading reg in Rawhide/f34 and fix the FTB issue, at least, if there aren't any objections.

Thanks so much for working on this @mattia !

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