#9621 fedora-cisco-openh264-rawhide repo is not known by the MirrorManager
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I'm working on https://pagure.io/releng/issue/7445 . The most important part of that change is $releasever now returns rawhide on Rawhide, not a number (like 34). For that to work properly, all repos must be accessible with $releasever=rawhide. Which they are, except for fedora-cisco-openh264.
This works:
and this doesn't:

Please set up the redirect and make sure it's maintained in future, like all the other repos (fedora, updates, etc). Thanks!

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It would be nice to make the releng change before F34 gets branched (2021-02-09). I'm not sure if we can make it. But resolving this infra issue would make testing and showcasing the change easier.

CC @kevin

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@adrian does this make more sense as a change in mirrormanager or change the repo we pass to cisco

I added a redirect on the MirrorManager level: insert into repository_redirect (from_repo, to_repo) values ('fedora-cisco-openh264-rawhide','fedora-cisco-openh264-34');

Should be live in about an hour.

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2 months ago

Verified, works. Thanks a lot.

Now that Rawhide got bumped to 35, the redirect is no longer valid:

It should point to F35, but it points to F34. Also, the F35 repo doesn't exist yet (is that a releng issue or an infra issue?).

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2 months ago

Yes, we talked about it yesterday. The problem is that F35 does not exist for openh264 (yet). This is probably a releng issue.

Right now I could only delete the rawhide -> f34 redirect or point it to the non existing f35. Both changes would result in the same error.

As soon as rawhide or f35 for openh264 exists this can be fixed.

CC: @mohanboddu

Can we add to the releng SOP for branching to always create empty repodata for the new openh264 repo (for F35 in this case)? This takes the pressure off for actually getting the builds to cisco for hosting.

Releng request to send new openh264 builds to Cisco: https://pagure.io/releng/issue/10006

(But regardless, please create an empty repo now if it's not too much work and add it to the SOP.)

I wonder if we could do what we are planning with keys with this as well? ie, right now just make a empty f36 repo... but I guess we can discuss that.

This has been determined to be a releng ticket and will be followed in releng 10006

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