#9614 Container built for Fedora 33 has el6 dist
Opened 3 months ago by jcajka. Modified a month ago

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There seems to be some issue with assigning dist to the golang container. It is getting the el6 dist instead of the f33. I have looked over the dockerfile, etc. and can't see any issue on that side(not saying there is none :) )
Compared to the s2i-base which works as expected I don't see much difference that would explain the wrong dist.
Builds for previous fedora versions work as expected, they get correct dist.
Could you please check that any builder/koji/osbs side config is sane(for the container/golang)?

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Sooner better :).

Looks like something is odd with OSBS

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3 months ago

Or @cverna perhaps you know what could have happened here?

This is related to OSBS trying to bump the release automatically, we have a open ticket in the container SIG and some work around to fix the problem --> https://pagure.io/ContainerSIG/container-sig/issue/36#comment-641621

Although looking at the build history I am not sure how el6 arrived here. Maybe something wrong with how the bump-release plugins works.
Don't know if @athoscr would have a clue

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