#9575 flatpak regindexer sometimes not picking up new updates?
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Flatpak CLI doesn't see https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-FLATPAK-2021-e1428a06f6 (Firefox 84.0.2) even though Bodhi says it's been pushed to the testing remote. I've noticed this before that sometimes updates don't correctly appear in the flatpak remote, which seems like an issue with regindexer sometimes not picking up changes.

@otaylor could you help please?

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3 months ago

The firefox update finally showed up today after pushing an unrelated thunderbird update to updates-testing.

Same issue now with new flatpak-runtime update that got pushed to repos a day ago, but regindexer doesn't seem to have picked it up yet.


Now regindexer seems to have picked up the above update (other flatpaks were pushed out tonight and it seems to have picked up flatpak-runtime together with these).

So, it seems like it's just out of date for some window of time?

This is a race I think. We have 3 crons that run rsync and if something breaks on one of them, the other ones delete things incorrectly.

Can fix it when we move flatpak-indexer to prod

Ah, makes sense. Let's just close it then and I'll file new bugs if I see issues again once flatpak-indexer is deployed :)

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a month ago

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