#9571 Static page for former packages app url?
Opened 3 months ago by bcotton. Modified 3 months ago

We seem to be getting a lot of questions about the packages app over the last 6 months. Would it be feasible to set up a static page at apps.fp.o/packages that says "this service has been retired"?

I agree that we don't want to keep retired services on the status page as Kevin said, but people are still going to end up finding it from inbound links, so it would avoid having to answer the question repeatedly at a low cost.

There is a thread on the infrastructure list about pushing forward one of the two replacements we have for this app

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3 months ago

Here is the archive link to original discussion and here is the most recent discussion

There's also the thing ready to deploy:


We just need someone(s) with permissions to help them deploy it. I think that would be better than a static page. ;)

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3 months ago

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