#9566 No update in Bodhi is marked as critpath for Rawhide
Opened 15 days ago by mattia. Modified 7 days ago

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Cross reference https://github.com/fedora-infra/bodhi/issues/4177

I've just filed a PR to fix Bodhi code, but the release creation process should be adapted. I don't know if it's performed manually or by some script.
When a new release is created (which becomes Rawhide), it should be created with the Release.branch property set to "master", not "fxx". When it is branched it should be changed to "fxx".

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15 days ago

So, how useful is critpath on rawhide? As far as I know there the automatic updates don't do anything differently for it?

@adamw does qa use this status in rawhide any?

I mean, might be worth fixing, but not sure it is?

In future, I would also like to have Bodhi check user's rights to create/edit updates through a direct call to Pagure using a new hascommit endpoint (see https://pagure.io/pagure/pull-request/5087). This will make possible for collaborators to push updates on releases where they have commit access.

To make that working, we'll need to have the right branch property set for Rawhide.

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