#9482 Draft a new release and update Bodhi
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The more people start using side-tag workflow, the more reports we get of broken updates. Most of these problems are already fixed in Bodhi development branch, so please consider drafting a new release and update Bodhi both in staging and in production.

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

For staging, as soon as possible, so we can start testing. For prod, it would be nice to have this done before f34 branching.

There are a couple of bugfix PRs still open that would be nice to have in the next release (4145 and 4159).

IIRC one of the current issue with pushing new releases out is the packaging, where the work done on graphql and merged cannot be deployed as it brings in a dependency that isn't packaged.

Well, there are no new dependencies compared to 5.5 which is now deployed in prod. I also see Kevin has managed to get Bodhi build again in F34.

About the graphql dependencies, I see python-graphene is already available in Rawhide/F33. For the other two (graphene-sqlalchemy and webob-graphql) I've just submitted the two review request.

Yeah, I had to patch out the graphql stuff, and it actually doesn't work. ;(

Will file bodhi tickets on it...

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