#9442 2a05:d014:10:7803:f774:4d7c:e277:a457 (mirrors.fedoraproject.org) unreachable
Closed: Fixed 9 months ago by smooge. Opened 9 months ago by robert.

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Please either remove 2a05:d014:10:7803:f774:4d7c:e277:a457 from the mirrors.fedoraproject.org DNS name or make it reachable. Tested from AS6830 (Liberty Global, a Tier 1).

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ASAP, given it breaks IPv6-only setups ;-)

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9 months ago

OK that is proxy36.fedoraproject.org and it seems to no longer be routable via aws. I am removing this ipv6 from the configs at the moment. This is usually a network permission issue in the AWS console and I am not sure how to 'fix' without messing things up for other zones. I am removing this from the configs until we can look at it on Monday.

I ran the command curl -kL -g -6 'http://[2a05:d014:10:7803:f774:4d7c:e277:a457]:80/' and got the correct response from this page so it does seem to be reachable through ipv6

OK it can probably be added back then. On the weekend that did not work on 80, 443, even from other AWS systems.

I have readded this and will close ticke.t

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9 months ago

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