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fedora-packages-static is a simpler, statically generated version of the old Fedora Packages app.

How it works

packages-static is a collection of Python scripts that pulls repository metadata and compiles that into statically generated HTML files. It has a Docker container that runs packages-static every week and serves files via nginx. Because of this approach, packages search is handled by an external service such as Apache Solr or elasticsearch.


Currently, I have a prototype container with searching handled by Solr and search results returned by a small uwsgi script.

Is it possible to have one pod secure a write mount to a volume and have multiple read-only mounts for load-balancing? I've looked at the openshift docs and it seems impossible.

Benefit to Fedora

  • Provides current and prospective users easy access to package information
  • Some users have noticed that old packages went down
  • Having Solr provides the framework for in-house docs.fp.o search, which is wanted by #6750

RFR Template

Phase I:

  • Software: fedora-packages-static and Apache Solr
  • Advantage for Fedora: See above
  • Sponsor:

Phase II:

Phase III:

  • SOP link:
  • Application Security Policy self-evaluation:
  • Audit request:
  • Audit timeline:

Phase IV:

  • Ansible playbooks:
  • Fully rebuilt from ansible:
  • Production goal:
  • Approved audit:

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