#9406 Unable to log into Pagure from FAS: lilyx
Closed: Fixed a month ago by pingou. Opened a month ago by jflory7.


FAS user lilyx is unable to log into Pagure with FAS


Pagure gives lilyx an error message and to try again later when logging into Pagure via FAS. She is unable to make a first login from this FAS account.


She is migrating from a old FAS username ( @ashlyna ) to lilyx. She signed the FPCA and is a member of a CLA+1 group on the new account. She also already cleared her cookies and browser cache locally. Environment is Fedora, not sure if Chrome or Firefox.


lilyx is able to log in, Pagure account is created

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a month ago

There is an email conflict, the email address set in FAS for the user @lilyx is associated on pagure.io with the user @ashlyna.

So the user @ashlyna will need to log into pagure, change their default email and remove the email associated with the @lilyx user. Then pagure will allow the creation of the account @lilyx since there will no longer be an email conflict.

Let us know if you need us to do anything, but @ashlyna and @lilyx should be able to handle this.

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a month ago

hey, thank you! that worked and I'm able to use my account now.

Glad it's fixed :)

Thanks for letting us know!

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a month ago

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