#9390 AWS host for testing matrix<=>telegram bridge
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Hi, I am looking at setting up a trial matrix<=>telegram bridge as a proof of concept. Long term, I'd hope to host it on OpenShift when that is available.

The t3.medium profile is fine, with 50 GB disk.

My public Fedora SSH key is

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQD1/5t0E3hi1Gxvbnw04VSoF/gmezqnEYsheqRdfevVZuU/I2rifIkTYqhokd8KgwDE4Q9N4xlPmcgoT+Lq+FcUriNwvl9wBTs2HLHwctL3MMeayKIsTghKC21DsT+asjEdzpqg38LJRYrsu1t1gyXgwN1vIqjvgCAIRNNuaQ2FlhYV+S9Z28xiMQmhyiSxEyDCBVOyU/pDvpNRw17NdF0TH/OTq0FnC56CdYlaFdU4+K0rThqtsGq4mDiOnvcTbCovqobtLOv+zhEBf/TV2fHplZmeUuOOIhjMINr6xvxrPrjZMwayvpWhJLir05vnL/1+nuaY89EHJpfdQHZk/Pvn duffy@pandamotor

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

No rush but I'm excited to try setting it up lol

Oh, and OS I'm not picky about - I'm looking for high stability / low hassle so CentOS 8 is probably fine!

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11 days ago

The instance is created in the us-east-2 region using CentOS 8.2 image, t3.medium instance and 50GB attached EBS volume.

centos@ for ssh access

We have left the security group open, if you could tell us the ports you require we can lock it down a bit more for more security.

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11 days ago

@mobrien thank you so much! i'm going to start settingn it up now and let you know what ports its using as soon as i figure out myself lol

Anything else you would like us to do @duffy? Or should we close this ticket for now?

@pingou - nope you can close it for now. when i figure out the port situation i can open a new ticket. thank you so much!

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5 days ago

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