#9373 Translated versions of docs.fp.o are not built anymore
Opened 21 days ago by darknao. Modified 3 days ago

All localized docs are not updated since 8th September.
It seems the docsbuilding job is not running anymore or is crashing.

Local build is also failing, complaining about a missing antora.yml:

===== Building the ar site =====
error: ar/fedora/master/antora.yml not found in /tmp/tmpsytac_75/translated_sources [ref: master <worktree>]
Add the --stacktrace option to see the cause.
ERROR building the ar site

I think this may be related to this commit
The antora.yml should point to rawhide, not master.

@pbokoc what do you think ?

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20 days ago

Seems you were right, the version should be rawhide. It's fixed on master now, can you please try a local build again and let me know if it works for you now?

Local build is working now, thank you !
The docsbuilding job should start in a few hours, we'll see if docs.fp.o is up to date tomorrow.

The ar site is building ok, but yes, build is failing few steps further on the cs site this time :/
I didn't notice that during my last local run, but I guess I was not paying enough attention.
I'm working on this new issue right now.

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