#936 Preview release - Mirror bit verification
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by mmcgrath.

Once the bits hit the mirror, verify that the bits are of the correct permission. Prior to the release they need to not be viewable on the public mirrors but set such that they can download the content. After the release they need to be world readable.

Hey Xavier, would you be interested in doing this? Basically this is the trial run for the final release, if you want to do this one it'd be good if you could do the final release too. Basically after jesse submits the release for the mirrors to grab we need someone to verify that the mirrors can grab those bits, and that by default they're not world readable so users can't get to them yet.

IIRC, you're a mirror. if I'm wrong or if you're not interested just let me know or re-assign the ticket to me.

No mirror. I'll need to get into the mirror.

K, looks like the bits have hit, go ahead and look at xenbuilder4 or any of the other builders that have /pub/fedora. If everything looks good close the ticket as fixed. If not contact Jesse or releng and say "HEY!"

well, everything is going fine.

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