#9317 Pull Request review and update deployment for Mote (IRC meeting log web app)
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Review pending pull requests on Mote and deploy an updated version of the web app


Mote is the web app responsible for HTML and plain text meeting log distribution in Fedora. It is an important project management tool in the unique context of an IRC-first community like Fedora.

The teams listed on Mote are out of date and need love. There is also an easy design/style change pending. There is also a pending PR to port this Flask app from Python 2 to Python 3 by @zbyszek, but it might need some love since it is over a year old.


Success criteria is an updated list of teams on the production Mote website. They should correctly open to a page of last recorded meeting minutes by teams identified on this page.

I would like to see the Python 3 changes merged too, but Python 3 support does not block this ticket.


  • Easier for people to find and discover meeting notes and minutes
  • Less false-positives since most of the teams currently shown in "browse" page lead to dead ends or incorrect pages for teams

These are the two PRs I would like to merge:

This is @zbyszek's PR which would be nice to merge if it can still be accepted:

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