#9272 Replace regindexer with flatpak-indexer
Opened 22 days ago by otaylor. Modified 4 days ago

flatpak-indexer is a new codebase that not only creates an index of Flatpaks, it also generates static deltas between old versions and the new version. This greatly reduces bandwidth usage for users and for Fedora.

A major difference from regindexer is that it doesn't query the registry to find out available Flatpaks, but instead uses data from Bodhi and Koji. This is necessary because the registry APIs don't allow finding out

Rough task list:

  • Set up flatpak-indexer in Fedora openshift. An older version without Fedora support is deployed within Red Hat on openshift as the backend for flatpaks.redhat.io, so the configs for that can be used as a starting point.
  • Update cron-sync-registry-index to sync content from flatpak-indexer rather than regindexer, and to sync deltas/ in addition to index/ and icons/, update reversepassproxy.registry-generic.conf to add deltas/.
  • Use the CDN to frontend deltas/ and maybe icons/

I'm willing to be primarily responsible for this application for now with limitations from limited access to Fedora infrastructure.

@otaylor Can it wait until we are out of beta freeze?

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22 days ago

@otaylor Can it wait until we are out of beta freeze?

Yes, that's fine. I wasn't filing this as an immediate request but rather as a work item to be tracked.

(Most of the necessary work could be done in staging openshift first, given availability - the bulk of the work is adapting existing openshift configs to the Fedora ansible setup.)

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