#9166 Fedora mailman doesn't seem to be receiving messages thru email
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I've tried sending a message to design-team@lists.fedoraproject.org for the past couple of days. I've tried from both my @redhat.com and @fedoraproject.org addresses (both are subscribed.) The messages are not going to the list, I am not getting any kind of bouncebacks or errors in return, and the archives show no sign of the messages. If I log into Postorious as admin, there are no held messages. I did notice as I was looking in the archives for design-team@lists.fedoraproject.org, I got several 503 errors or blank page loads. So I am starting to suspect there may be an issue with mailman, postorious, or hyperkitty.

I last used my @redhat.com mail client to send a message to this list on July 15, and that message came through fine:

I last used my @fedoraproject.org mail client to send a message to the list on July 21, and that message also came through fine:

I'm not getting any errors, and it seems to affect two different accounts, so any advice you have for debugging this issue, obtaining some error messages or logs, I'd greatly appreciate.

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I can post through the Hyperkitty web UI successfully, so I am able to work around this, so it's not super urgent. I am concerned though that other folks (especially a number of new contributors I've been working to onboard) are facing the same issues with their message delivery silently failing.

Can you get us the message-id's of the mail you have sent or some other logs from when you sent this so I can track this through the servers?

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4 months ago

@smooge sure:

July 21 attempt from duffy {at- redhat.com:
Message-ID: 4ec06d6d-b146-7196-10c4-01b5f38f9635@redhat.com

July 23 attempt from duffy /at= redhat.com:
Message-ID: e65f19ee-06b2-0ddf-e37b-91e3b0aa2571@redhat.com

July 23 attempt from duffy `at' fedoraproject.com:
Message-ID: 1d74d64e-b585-5891-8636-ec64c6416ad9@fedoraproject.org

I didn't get any logs back.

OK something is broken with the design-list. It is discarding your email as it is marked as spam for some reason.

OK mailman3 is working as expected. Your emails are being sent as from design-team@lists.fedoraproject.org and that user is listed as being banned from sending to the list.

I don't know why either you are sending from that address or why the list is moderated to ban sending from that email, but that seems to be the reason the emails are not showing up.

@mizmo do you know who the admins for the list are so why the from design-team is blocked? If it is not meant to be and you are not an admin I can remove this and close this ticket.

@smooge I am admin for the list, but I didnt set it up to block design-team mails. Further, I'm confused bc I didnt send from design-team, I sent from duffy@.

I think @gnokii had set smtg up to block spammers at one point some time ago, but whatever is going on, it happened between July 15 and July 21.

Yeah agreed. when it comes into the outbound proxies it is from you:

Jul 21 16:35:43 smtp-mm-ib01 postfix/smtpd[14082]: 9BD6B605D2E8: client=us-smtp-delivery-1.mimecast.com[]
Jul 21 16:35:43 smtp-mm-ib01 postfix/cleanup[13765]: 9BD6B605D2E8: message-id=<4ec06d6d-b146-7196-10c4-01b5f38f9635@redhat.com>
Jul 21 16:35:43 smtp-mm-ib01 postfix/qmgr[11019]: 9BD6B605D2E8: from=<duffy@redhat.com>, size=5297, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Jul 21 16:35:43 smtp-mm-ib01 postfix/smtp[13794]: 9BD6B605D2E8: to=<design-team@lists.fedoraproject.org>, relay=mailman01.vpn.fedoraproject.org[]:25, delay=0.34, delays=0.21/0/0.06/0.07, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as D91435E8A50A1)
Jul 21 16:35:43 smtp-mm-ib01 postfix/qmgr[11019]: 9BD6B605D2E8: removed

Postfix on mailman3 also says it is from duffy

Jul 21 16:35:43 mailman01 postfix/smtpd[7479]: D91435E8A50A1: client=smtp-mm-ib01.vpn.fedoraproject.org[]
Jul 21 16:35:43 mailman01 postfix/cleanup[7494]: D91435E8A50A1: message-id=<4ec06d6d-b146-7196-10c4-01b5f38f9635@redhat.com>
Jul 21 16:35:43 mailman01 postfix/qmgr[27712]: D91435E8A50A1: from=<duffy@redhat.com>, size=5555, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Jul 21 16:35:44 mailman01 postfix/pipe[7564]: D91435E8A50A1: to=<design-team@lists.fedoraproject.org>, relay=spamassassin, delay=0.29, delays=0.05/0/0/0.24, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered via spamassassin service)
Jul 21 16:35:44 mailman01 postfix/qmgr[27712]: D91435E8A50A1: removed

mailman3/spamassassin however either gets confused or something else is up

mailman.log:Jul 21 16:35:44 2020 (17770) DISCARD: <4ec06d6d-b146-7196-10c4-01b5f38f9635@redhat.com> {'original_size': 6078, 'listid': 'design-team.lists.fedoraproject.org', 'moderation_sender': 'design-team@lists.fedoraproject.org', 'moderation_reasons': [('Message sender {} is banned from this list', 'design-team@lists.fedoraproject.org')], 'rule_hits': ['banned-address'], '_parsemsg': False, 'rule_misses': ['dmarc-mitigation', 'no-senders', 'approved', 'emergency', 'loop'], 'to_list': True, 'lang': 'en', 'envsender': 'noreply@lists.fedoraproject.org', 'version': 3, 'received_time': datetime.datetime(2020, 7, 21, 16, 35, 44, 204444)}

The only emails getting marked like this are a bunch of definite spams and your emails.. the other ones I see going to design-team are working. Let me remove that one rule and let us see if it fixes it.

@duffy I have removed the entry. Nothing I can see has changed on configs since the move.. but mailman3 needs a major overhaul and problems are creeping in :sob:

@smooge thanks! i just did a test and it seems to be working now!! :)

No that bounceback is because someone is subscribed to the list with a @yahoo.com email address and they don't accept any emails from Fedora or many other places (unless it is real spam which they seem to accept). I can only suggest that anyone with an @yahoo.com address be unsubscribed from the list.

Can this be closed now or is there still something for us to investigate?

I'm hoping this is solved now?

If not, please reopen...

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