#9132 Is it possible to get repo for utrrs project (from fedorahost.org)
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by kevin. Opened 2 years ago by aalam.

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project name: utrrs
I have 'utrrs' project on fedorahost.org and I was looking for source code to import on pagure.io. I missed emails and not able to request early to migrate to pagure.io. Is it possible to get source code now (it will be really helpful)? I have only few directories available.

git repo, trac

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2 years ago

batcave01-root# mkdir /srv/web/infra/hosted-content/utrrs

batcave01-root# scp backup01.iad2.fedoraproject.org:/fedora_backups/old-hosts/hosted03.fedoraproject.org/srv/web/trac/projects/utrrs/db/trac.db /srv/web/infra/hosted-content/utrrs/

batcave01-root# rsync -av backup01.iad2.fedoraproject.org:/fedora_backups/old-hosts/hosted03.fedoraproject.org/srv/git/utrrs.git/ /srv/web/infra/hosted-content/utrrs/utrrs.git/

The content should be now at:


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2 years ago

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