#9101 Deploy collectd-rabbitmq-data on log01
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by kevin. Opened 2 years ago by abompard.

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Yesterday I got the collectd rabbitmq plugin to build on epel8, I've tested it, and it seems to work. We need to deploy the collectd-rabbitmq-data part on the central collectd server (I believe it's log01) to get those stats in the graphs.

I've tried to promote the build by following our docs but the package doesn't show up in our infra repo. Am I missing something?

When that's fixed and it's in the repo I'll still need someone to deploy it as I don't have the permissions.

I think we are still working on gettin collectd working on log01 but we can deploy it after tht

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2 years ago

Collectd was/is working. I got it working the other day.

This was a bit of a saga, but I think I have it done now too...

  • The dist repo for epel8-infra wasn't appearing, so I manually forced it.
  • collectd then didn't like some config and wouldn't restart and wouldn't tell me what config it didn't like. ;(
  • I built a newer collectd to see if it would help any, but it didn't.
  • so, I brute forced it, fixed the config.
  • ran the rabbitmq cluster playbook

Can you take a look at it now, I think it's monitoring everything it was before. I am not sure why there's a rabbitmq_rabbit@rabbitmq02.iad2.fedoraproject.org entry?

I think this is all set, but feel free to reopen if there's more to be done. :) Thanks!

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2 years ago

It's great, thank you very much!

I am not sure why there's a rabbitmq_rabbit@rabbitmq02.iad2.fedoraproject.org entry?

That's the new cluster name, it takes the name of the first node in the cluster, and apparently for us that was rabbitmq02. It's not very pretty but I'm not sure how much damage I would do if I changed it now. Maybe not much. In Collectd this entry gives cluster-wide stats.

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