#9083 Build & publish container image for f32/fedora-toolbox for ppc64le architecture
Closed: Will Not/Can Not fix a month ago by cverna. Opened a month ago by tle.

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I would like to ask the team to build and publish the f32/fedora-toolbox image to registry.fedoraproject.org so that I could be able to use the toolbox on Fedora 32 PPC64LE.

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@cverna we don't build containers for ppc64le yet do we?

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a month ago

AFAIK there is currently no way to build layered containers on non-x86_64 architectures on the Fedora infrastructure(in Fedora) due to lack of OSBS/Openshift clusters and resources to maintain them.

Yeah we don't have a ppc64le OpenShift cluster for that and I am not sure if we will have one so for now there is not much we can do.

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a month ago

@cverna Thanks for the response. I guess we could revisit this in the near future when Fedora has ppc64le OpenShift cluster.

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