#9045 Access to FAS for AAA migration
Opened 2 months ago by abompard. Modified 2 days ago

Hey folks,
To test our FAS to IPA migration script, we'll need some data. Since staging is down, I was wondering if we could get one (or both!) of these two things:

  • a privileged account on FAS, that has permissions to see private data
  • a DB dump of FAS, without passwords if possible. Maybe the DB dump that is used to populate the staging instance?


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2 months ago

I think we could get you a db dump for populating staging, but is there any way you could only keep it in our machines? ie, don't download it, just work with it on our stg env? I'd prefer if it not be copies out to other places...

Yes I think I can do that. It'll mean doing development in vim, which is what I've done for most of my python life so it's fine :-)

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