#9032 inactive accounts should not be listed as package Cc/owner etc.
Opened 2 months ago by jankratochvil. Modified 20 hours ago

In the past I wanted to rename my account jkratoch->jankratochvil. I was told I should create a new user and delete(?) the old one. Which I did but I cannot delete the old "jkratoch" user so I made "jkratoch" only "inactive" in the admin interface.
Now I was told I am Cced on a package with the old account:
Either it should refuse to switch to "inactive" with still some subscribed events or it should be sending some notifications to such inactive account or so.
I do not mind, it is now solved for me, this is just a RFE.

Well, that would make FAS need to know the status of things in dist-git. I honestly don't think that this is something we want, it would just make our systems more intertwined than they are.

I do think we can/should work on sending regular notifications to users who do not have a valid bugzilla account and the email I've sent is/should be the first one of a more regular process :)

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