#8839 can no longer contribute in Fedora's Taiga
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Lately, I seem to be getting logged in as a different Chris Murphy in Taiga. (a) icon has changed (b) I don't have permission to add/modify anything.

If I navigate to timeline, look at the Team icons, click on my icon, I'm taken here, which looks correct:

But when I'm logged in, navigate to the upper-right corner and under my name click on View Profile, I'm taken here which isn't correct:

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)


As I understand it, it now logs you in with your FAS username chrismurphy, when it logged you into the custom Taiga user cmurf before. Do you remember if you did something special to get the custom user in the first place?

We don't manage Taiga ourselves, so I'll forward your issue to Taiga's support people.

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@migonzalvar is that something you can do ?

I've only ever logged in with FAS and have only one FAS account. So I have no idea why there are apparently two users in Taiga.

Initially there were two Fedora Workstation projects, one was supposed to be a test to "play" in and not worry about breaking things; but the test project became the real one and we never used the other, that one was deleted March 3. I'm not sure it's related.

@cverna @migonzalvar because this may not be clear from my comment above, I've sent an email to the Taiga support email address about this.

Yeah, sorry, I'd have filed a ticket with Taiga myself, but when I go to chrismurphy>Help it points to
https://tree.taiga.io/support which gets me a Not Found / 404 page.

@chrismurphy not sure why the link is broken, but I don't think our users are supposed to contact Taiga support directly and we'll have to serve as a conduit here, at least initially.

Dear @nphilipp @chrismurphy,

There are, indeed, a cmurf user and a chrismurphy user. They use different email addresses, though. Please review the email address you are using now to log in. Both are from the same domain, yet they are not the same address. I will try to PM you for, you know, privacy.

PS: It seems Pagure has no PM feature, would it be okay if I send both addresses to @nphilipp?


@claitire sure!

@chrismurphy just checking, did you change your email address in the Fedora Account System?

@nphilipp Great, I've sent you both emails in our Taiga ticket!

I haven't changed my email address in FAS. I'm pretty sure the FAS account's single allowed email address is required to be the email address I use for RH Bugzilla, hence the email address starts with bugzilla.

When I login to FAS, I use a FAS username which is the same as it appears in this pagure issue, I never use an email address to login.

Meanwhile on src.fedoraproject.org, I login using FAS the same way (no email address, just username, and it's the same as when I log into Taiga), My Settings has two email addresses. But I don't think there's any interaction between src.fedoraproject.org's multiple emails, and FAS. So I I'm not sure how FAS ever got an idea of two emails for me.

Please @chrismurphy could you log out and log in again and check if it is now solved?

Yes! Awesome, thanks for the help, everyone!

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@migonzalvar @nphilipp @claitire
OK so this issue has happened again. It looks like it's the result of @chrismurphy being added in addition to @cmurf to the https://teams.fedoraproject.org/project/asamalik-fedora-magazine project over the weekend. I haven't posted or done anything as @chrismurphy (the amber bear icon) but that user can just go away. And keep the @cmurf (purple owl icon) account.


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