#881 EPEL needs multiple RHEL channels per build system.
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by smooge.

Due to the way that RHEL splits packages up into channels various programs require programs that are in RHEL-workstation and RHEL-server (or AS versus WS for 4). There are multiple ways to skin this cat,

a) putting all the packages into a single repository and building from that (ala CentOS).
b) keeping the channels seperate and hardlink to save space.
c) ... me forgets but Seth, DGilmore, etc have them

This is currently affecting multiple packages.

Right now we're just waiting for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Server optional desktop productivity channel downloaded, then we can get them added to the build roots.

I added the channels to all the rhel5 rhn systems and I'm running the synchronizer. When it finishes I'll take a look at the output.

Any progress on this? I'd be very thankful if this was solved, since it blocks a build of mine for a couple of days now.

Dennis, is there anything you need? I think this can be closed.

its all done. sorry i forgot to close yesterday afternoon.

These packages are not available for ppc.

exclude the arch.

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