#8786 Moving pagure and src.fp.o to RHEL8
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago by kevin. Opened 4 years ago by pingou.

This is just to track the idea. Now that pagure is available in EPEL8, we could/should consider moving to RHEL8 for our two instances (src.fp.o and pagure.io).

This would allow us to (among others):
- Move to python 3 (and thus drop the support for py2 upstream)
- Clean up the left over from gitolite (and drop support for gitolite upstream)
- Move to a new fedora-messaging (and stop receiving a bunch of error emails every day for something that was fixed upstream in fedora-messaging but not available on RHEL7)

I'm of course available and willing to help for this migration.


I'm happy to help wherever I can here, too. :smile:

OK first I would say rebuild the staging systems to using EL8. stg.pagure.io should be the easiest to do. src.stg.pagure.io will have to wait until F32 is out as I think we are about to go back into a freeze cycle.

After that it is drop the old box, rebuild it as el8, reimport the databases etc.

So, @pingou just did a build of pagure-dist-git for EL8-infra, so we can do both now. Pagure 5.9.1 will land in EPEL 8 with tonight's compose.

I think we could probably take care of both stg.pagure.io and src.stg.fp.o in one go.

So stg is set, prod for src is set... we just need to do pagure.io now?

Should we schedule a time for this?

Can we get pagure.io flipped over to a RHEL 8 server soon? It's the only remaining Pagure system now still using RHEL 7...

We've got a request by @zx2c4 to have git.centos.org upgraded to the latest version of Pagure (centos-infra#89) so that the directory listing API is available there for his automation, which @dkirwan suggested to also fold into this request.

This is complete after this mornings migration of pagure.io

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