#8784 User unable to log into pagure
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago by kevin. Opened 4 years ago by smooge.

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The account associated with Isaac Boukris @iboukris is not able to log into pagure. As such I am opening this a ticket to see what might be causing this.

I have looked at the account and the ssh key does not look too long or too many so any problem is not ones I have been tracking in other tickets. I have requested the user to try again and send me a timestamp of when they do so I can add the data to this ticket.

Has the user had a different account in the past? (I'm thinking: duplicated email address)

I do not see any other version of that email address in fas when I did a dump. The user has only one account.

The user did try again and you are correct there are 2 accounts somewhere in the system.

[Thu Mar 26 14:23:18.375152 2020] [:error] [pid 16098] DETAIL: Key (email)=(iboukris@gmail.com) already exists.

This was solved in email.

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4 years ago

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