#8766 openqa stg nfs volume full
Closed: Fixed 5 months ago by kevin. Opened 5 months ago by kevin.

ntap-phx2-c01-fedora01-nfs.storage.phx2.redhat.com:/fedora_openqa_stg/images 1.2T 1.2T 40G 97% /var/lib/openqa/images

Should we increase size? Or is there anything that can be cleaned up.

@adamwill ^

There's a cleanup thing that i think may reduce the size of this which I just realized is broken because our perl-Minion is too old. I'll kick that and see what happens.

Hmm, well, I got the job to run, but it doesn't seem to have cleaned anything. Can you bump the size a bit and I'll investigate on Monday? Thanks!

Done. I bumped the size and it's now 77% full.

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5 months ago

So, looking into this, I noticed there's a .snapshot dir under /var/lib/images which is stuffed with either copies of or hardlinks to the content in the 'live' directory.

The directory itself is essentially a very heavily branched tree of screenshots. So I think these snapshots could be taking up a lot of space on their own.

I'm running a du on the dir now, but it looks like it might take a long time. I'll post the results if/when I get them. But can we clean up these snapshots at all and tweak the snapshotting behaviour?

sorry, /var/lib/openqa/images, not /var/lib/images. That's the mount point of the volume.

ok. I disabled snapshots and deleted the existing ones:


Filesystem total used avail capacity Mounted on
/vol/fedora_openqa_stg/ 1459GB 1190GB 268GB 81% /fedora_openqa_stg


Filesystem total used avail capacity Mounted on
/vol/fedora_openqa_stg/ 1459GB 979GB 479GB 67% /fedora_openqa_stg

Let us know if you want this done with any other volumes...

we could do the same for the testresults mount too I guess, if the snapshots are a significant amount of data.

Thats the same volume, so it's already done for it too. :)

ah, so it is. okay, thanks!

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