#8716 Pagure Celery workers not merging a PR
Closed: Insufficient data 4 years ago by pingou. Opened 4 years ago by mprahl.

I merged a PR on the fm-orchestrator project and it has been stuck for a while:

Could you please see if the Pagure Celery workers are running?

The workers are running, and I did not see any error listed for this merge request. I am going to have to pass this to the pagure people to see what it could be,

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4 years ago

Do you have the link to the PR itself?

@pingou it was this PR https://pagure.io/fm-orchestrator/pull-request/1568.

I manually merged other PRs though, so now there are merge conflicts.

At this point, just cancel the Celery task and we can close this ticket.

I was able to merge a few PR in pagure myself without issue so I guess it was just a temporary issue.
I'm going to close this ticket but please re-open it if you see this happen again.

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4 years ago

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