#8680 My app in Communishift needs to send emails
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I have an app in Communishift (securitas) that can send an email when a user has forgotten their password. But I don't know which SMTP server to use when the app is running in Communishift.
Any suggestion?


So, we don't have any smtp server for communishift.

So, I would say just send out the email yourself... We could allow it access to bastion, but not sure whats a good idea. :(

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2 years ago

we should probably allow for sending emails using a service like twilio sendgrid or one of the AWS services (which also support sending emails via an API). I made a personal twilio sendgrid account (free) and have used the API via curl to send emails.

Thanks for the tip @dustymabe , I've setup a sendgrid accound and it works like a charm :-)


Glad I could help.

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