#8661 Elevated access to Github AAA projects
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by pingou. Opened 2 years ago by abompard.

Describe what you would like us to do:

For the AAA development effort we'd need elevated (admin?) access to the following GitHub repos:
- securitas
- fasjson
- fas2ipa

We plan on using that access to:
- add webhooks to trigger OpenShift deployments
- add webhooks to trigger Centos CI
- add webhooks for analyzing apps like LGTM & Sonarqube
- add the Centos CI user to have it trigger CI on pull-requests and report CI status

And possibly other usages in the future as need arise.

When do you need this to be done by?

This week would be nice, but no hard deadline.

Two questions:
- Who is "we"?
- I see that the authdev team already has Maintain access to fasjson, does it allow you to configure the webhooks?

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2 years ago

"We" would be the AAA team, but I think it's better if I'm the only one to get those permissions for now.

My settings tab in fasjson is pretty empty, there's only "Interaction limits" there.

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- Issue priority set to: Needs Review (was: Waiting on Reporter)

2 years ago

I've given you admin access on all three repositories. Use your power wisely :)

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

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