#8660 ability to reclaim PVs in fedora infra openshift(s)
Opened 8 months ago by dustymabe. Modified 4 hours ago

Describe what you would like us to do:

Periodically I delete my coreos-ostree-importer project (i.e. wipe everything from openshift and start clean). Every time I do this I have to ask @kevin to reclaim the PV associated with my PVC.

Here are some notes from @kevin:

nirik | basically it's delegate_to the os-master01[stg]
nirik | and 'oc delete pv/fedora-ostree-content-volume-1' then 'oc create -f /root/pv_fedora_ostree_content-volume-1.yml' (but put the yaml in the playbook too :)

where the yaml file is:

apiVersion: v1                                  
kind: PersistentVolume                          
  name: fedora-ostree-content-volume-1
  - ReadWriteMany
    storage: 2T                              
    path: /fedora-ostree-content
    server: ntap-phx2-c01-fedora01-nfs.storage.phx2.redhat.com                                   
  persistentVolumeReclaimPolicy: Retain         

I need a way to programmatically reclaim this PV myself, or have the reclaim happen automatically by some process.

When do you need this to be done by?

Bevfore the end of march would be nice.

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8 months ago

We're a little bit past march :]

Is this still needed @dustymabe ?

I guess just don't worry about it for now.

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