#8652 [URGENT] Users prompted to upgrade to F32
Closed: Fixed a month ago by kevin. Opened a month ago by catanzaro.

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Users are being prompted to upgrade to Fedora 32:

I guess the release metadata was just modified and it's not marked as a devel release? Please fix the F32 release metadata, or take it offline until it can be fixed.

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Ideally as soon as you read this, because in the meantime users are going to be upgrading to Fedora 32 months before beta.

Hm, I have org.gnome.software show-upgrade-prerelease setting True -- since I never changed it after I manually set it to test F31 -> F32 upgrade -- and I'm not seeing this myself even after a manual check for updates. Not sure why.

We already fixed this, this morning, but there's probably a cache involved. The issue was that https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/api/collections/ was updated to include F32, but at first it was marked as 'Active' not 'Under Development'. @kparal caught it a few minutes later, and @mohanboddu fixed it, but some people will have caught the 'bad' copy in a GNOME Software refresh, I expect.

If you wipe Software's cache of the collections JSON and restart it should go away, I think. I don't think we can fix it any harder at this point, besides just telling people one by one to ignore it...

I put up a blog post on this if anyone wants to link to it, and posted to the Reddit thread.

Thanks @adamw

Yeah, it was 'live' for about 45min. ;(

Metadata Update from @kevin:
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a month ago

Looking at that JSON data, is "allow_retire: false" for fedora 32 branch also wrong? I think until a certain point, retiring packages should work in branched, right?

Yes, f32/branched should allow retirement until final freeze.

I've fixed it.

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